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A Cold Case (Biography)
The first time Frank Koehler shot someone dead was in 1945, when he was only 16. In and out of prison several times for this and other crimes, he managed to keep his nose fairly clean through the 1960s. But in February 1970, he shot two men dead. There was a witness, a third man Koehler wounded; but the killer disappeared and eventually the NYPD closed the case on the assumption that Koehler is dead. Nearing retirement in 1997, Andy Rosenzweig, chief of ...
A Cold Case (Thriller/Action)
FSG, Jul 2001, 22.00, 182 pp. ISBN: 0374125139 In 1970 long time criminal Frank Koeller kills two people. However, instead of making the arrest, NYPD inexplicably declares Frank dead and closes the case. Almost three decades later a partially obsessed NYPD detective Andy Rosenzweig manages to reopen the double homicide case and arrest the now elderly killer. A COLD CASE is a police procedual based on a true story. There is no action...