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Sherlock Holmes in New York: The Adventure of the Dead Rabbits Society
The book begins with a young girl's suicide by leaping off the newly built Brooklyn Bridge. Sherlock Holmes, under the alias of Simon Hawkes (he's on the run from Moriarty's gang) is living in an apartment in 1893's New York City's lower East Side, in a men's club called "The Dead Rabbits Society". Subsequent to the girl's death (which initially seems unrelated to subsequent events) a man named Frank Dunmore, also a member of the "Dead Rabbits" comes to ...
Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the New York Ripper
In 1893 Sherlock Holmes (alias Simon Hawkes) is in New York City hiding from Moriarty's gang's revenge. A prostitute is murdered and then butchered in a manner reminiscent of England's Jack the Ripper. Shortly thereafter another similar murder occurs. A serial killer is stalking the streets of the city. The New York police commissioner, Thomas Byrnes, wanting to protect his own reputation, hides the pertinent facts of the murders from the news report...
The Killing League
The Killing League is a secret organization composed of wealthy thrill-seekers, who want to taste the biggest thrill of all (in their minds) the life or death battle with other humans. Men are sought out (and not told about the League) either for battle or for slaughter. For example, a couple of criminals are offered a fortune to kidnap a senator's daughter. Unknown to them, money will not be their reward but rather death as a member of the League is sla...
The Necklace of Stones
Morgan, a 12 year old boy living in lower Manhattan, finds a mysterious stone necklace. It has 11 stones in all, ten of which have crude drawings cut into them (dragon, star, flame, wing, etc.). Unbeknownst to Morgan, the necklace grants the wearer great powers with each stone holding a separate power. The dragon-stone for example gives the wearer great strength, the wing-stone allows him to fly. Morgan is quickly attacked by an assassin sent to take ...

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