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The Fabulous Riverboat
This is the sequel to Farmer's work To Your Scattered Bodies Go. The main character is Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain. In the Riverworld series, everyong who ever lived has been inexplicably reborn on the shores of a river which doubles back and forth over an entire planet. Food is automatically provided for them. Samuel Clemens' quest is to create a riverboat and go sailing down the river. The problem is, there really isn't that kind of technology around...
To Your Scattered Bodies Go - Riverworld 1
All of humanity from the history of Earth wake up alive again on a world that is a continuous river to be studied by a superior alien race. Explorer Richard Burton dies on Earth and awakens on the bank of a river surrounded by others from different eras of history. The Planet is a river valley with walls too high to climb beyond each bank. Burton teams up with other 20th century humans, a caveman, and an alien that witnessed and was possibly responsible ...
Venus on the Half Shell
Simon Wagstaff is a musician seeking universal truth. After an universal deluge, he sets to explore the Universe searching for the answer to the problem of suffering and death. In so doing, accompanied by a dog, an owl and a woman companion Cworktap,he visits many planets and cultures. This is space-existentialist satire. Very funny and cynical....

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