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Adverse Impact
Quiet Storm, Jun 2003, 25.95 ISBN: 0972881948 Employment law paralegal Linda Genova works for Hartzman, Cross, Lacy & Bierman, a firm that specializes in representing companies that are having legal issues with employees. She feels pretty good with her work but not so much with her personal life due to her ending of her relationship with her boyfriend Joey Viglucci. After going together for six months, she concludes that she knows nothing about...
Johnny Blade
Barclay Books, Sept 2002, 15.95, 299 pp. ISBN 1931402 Martin Wringer punched his supervisor in the face and lost his job, but he doesn't fault himself, he blames his boss. He has sex with a prostitute and contacts venereal disease, but he doesn't impute himself, he accuses the hooker. When his wife finds out and throws him out of the house, he goes to Jack's Joint where the hooker hangs out and kills her. He finds he likes killing prostitutes ...
Tenth House
A ghost hires a private investigator to stop a cult before they make their next sacrifice....