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The Other Boelyn Girl
The Other Boelyn Girl tells the sexual and political story of Anne Boelyn, through the eyes of her lesser known sister, Mary. Mary Boelyn enters the fashionable court of King Henry the 8th at the tender age of 12, already married herself, and soon finds herself as the King's mistress. But when Mary is off nursing her children, and finding herself wanting to get further away from the court, her sister Anne quickly moves into Mary's place, with aims much...
The Other Boleyn Girl
Mary Boleyn is a young noblewoman who arrives newly married at the court of Henry the IV and his wife Katherine of Aragon. The tale moves through Mary's eyes, through her own affair with Henry, the birth of her children, and then her viewpoint, as both the ousted lover of Henry, and the sister of Anne Boleyn as the affair that shook the country unfolds. ...