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Jade Green
Fifteen-year-old Judith Sparrow has been orphaned by her mother and father, leaving her with no choice but to move into her Uncle Geoffrey's house in a small town in South Carolina. However, she can only live there if she doesn't bring anything green into the house. Still, she refuses to get rid of the picture of her mother in the green picture frame. She feels it is the only comfort, as her mother has died in a madhouse. That's when bizarre things st...
Marty Preston wants to buy and rescue an abused dog from his neighbor. The trouble is his neighbor is the abuser and does little to entertain the thought of selling his hunting dog to Marty. Marty goes through great lengths to keep Shiloh away from Judd. He hides him out in the woods and sneaks out of the house to spend time and bring him food. He creates a web of lies to protect the innocent dog. A German Shepherd gets loose and tears up the l...