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Bergdorf Blondes (Romance)
The main character, called only "Moi" is best friends with Julie Bergdorf, a very rich heiress. They traverse New York, spend lots of money, and met handsome, exciting men. One of the men that "moi" meets is Zach, a Jude Law look alike. At first, Zach is very romantic and sweeps "Moi" off her feet, but he becomes more and more distant, and eventually becomes very mean to her. During this time, Zack and "moi" go to L.A., and there "Moi" meets Charlie D...
Bergdorf Blondes (Literature)
This is the story of a bevy of overprivileged Manhattan socialites and their search for the perfect hairstyle, the perfect outfit and the perfect fiance. The main character, known only as Moi (American born, British raised) is a journalist for Vogue magazine. Her mother is a upper-class British wannabe and wants nothing more that have her daughter marry the Little Earl in the castle next door. Moi escapes to the United States to lead the party girl li...