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Cold Streets (Science Fiction)
Jack Fleming, the justice seeking vampire/private investigator is back in book 10 of P.N. Elrod's Vampire Files. The setting is January 1938, Chicago. One of Jack's dreams have come true he is now the owner of the his own nightclub the Lady Crymsyn and doing very well for himself. First Jack foils a kidnapping in which a socialite's autistic daughter is kidnapped by Hurley Dugan and his thugs. Dugan is an aristocrat hard-up for cash due to the depres...
Cold Streets (Thriller/Action)
Ace, Jan 2003, #22.95, 400pp ISBN: 0441010091 In wintry 1938 Chicago, four thugs kidnap sixteen year old Sarah Gladwell, a teen with the intelligence of a ten year old. As instructed, Sarah's mother Vivian avoids the police, but hires private investigator Charles Escott and his partner Jack Fleming, owner of the Lady Crymsyn nightclub who are considered off limits by the mob. As a vampire, Jack has several handy qualities to include becoming ...
Dracula In London
PN Elrod (editor) Ace, Nov 2001, 14.95, 272 pp. ISBN: 0441008585 Just about everyone knows about the events that have taken place in Bram Stroker's Dracula. However, while he lived in Victorian England Dracula became involved with other people and events that the author chose to ignore. Mr. Stroker left it to some of the most famous writers of horror tales to complete the full picture by contributing fantastic stories to this anthology. ...