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Sophie is always the life of the party until she is hit and killed by a bus. Sophie is carefree, her style of dress is shockingly fun and she is always the fun girl. Her husband Ollie adores her and they fit perfectly together. The are the envy of their social network of friends, Ollie is a music producer while Sophie makes their home comfortable. They share a son, six-year old Freddie. Sophie's and her BFF Jenny hit it off as college roommates tears ...
The Angel At No. 33
Sophie has died but she's still looking on at her loved ones, discovering their secrets and trying to get her best friend to be with her widowed husband. The novel begins with Sophie having died after being knocked down by a taxi cab. She is viewing her own funeral - all her loved ones are crying for her - and she feels such grief at the sight of her husband, Oliver, and son, Freddie. The novel then jumps back five days before the funeral when Sophie...