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The Darkness That Comes Before - The Prince of Nothing 1
Three soldiers named Kellhus, Achamian and Cnaiur join a host of crusaders in the Imperial Capital of Momenn and launch a war against their sworn enemies, the heathen Fanim, to liberate the Holy City Shimeh. The Darkness That Comes Before is the first book in R. Scott Bakker's Second-Apocalypse sequence. The story follows three main characters: Achamian, a middle-aged sorcerer from the Mandate School who is haunted by dreams of the tragic First Apocalyps...
The Warrior Prophet - The Prince of Nothing 2
The philosopher-monk Kellhus leads his army of crusaders deep into the territory of their rivals, the heathen Fanim, on a secret quest to find his missing father. The Warrior Prophet is the second book in R. Scott Bakker's Prince of Nothing trilogy, and it continues the story of the super intelligent Kellhus, a philosopher monk known as a Dunyain. Kellhus is on a mission to reunite with his father, Moengus, another Dunyain monk who deserted his post and ...