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Ghosts Know
A radio host clashes with a psychic employed by a family to help find their missing daughter. Graham Wilde is the host of "Wilde Card" on Waves radio in Manchester, England. His producer, Christine, is also his girlfriend, and the station is run by his manager, Paula. Graham agrees to have a psychic, Frank Jasper, on his radio show, and decides to attend Jasper's show at the Palace the night before he is due to appear on "Wilde Card." During the perfo...
Nazareth Hill
Amy, a rebellious teen and her Father move into Nazareth Hill. It once had many uses including an asylum but it is now an apartment complex. Amy is unable to shake the memories of once seeing a hideous creature through the window as she was a child. She tries to warn the other tenants but nobody will listen to her. Her boyfriend also believes that she is going insane. Even when deaths occur in the building, she is still regarded as an outcast. To make ma...
The Darkest Part of the Woods
Tor, Oct 2003, 24.95, 400 pp. ISBN: 0765307669 American professor Dr. Lennox Price moves his family to Goodmanswood, England to study the dark legends surrounding the area especially the delusions of the nearby residents. However, instead of debunking the myths, Lennox goes crazy. Thus he is committed, but quickly develops a cult following among the asylum's crazier folks. His daughter archivist Heather follows up on her father's enigmatic b...