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Brotherhood of Betrayal
Multnomah, Sept 2003, 11.99, 408 pp. ISBN 1590522883 When Missionary Pastor Clay McCain failed to show up at the Swedish Church, his wife and members of the congregation thought he was late or in an accident. That changes when a woman admits they conducted a three-year affair but broke it off when Clay fell in love with someone else When Clay is spotted with a beautiful woman hanging all over him in a gas station, Rachel knows the truth. Her...
Wisdom Hunter
Jason Faircloth is a pastor in a large and growing church. He is known as the general, and leads with power. Jason sees the world in black and white. That means some thing are absolutely wrong and other things are absolutely right. Jason believes God has shown him which ideas are which. He is so strict that he drives his teenage daughter to run away. One day Jason's world is turned upside down. He learns that his runaway daughter died after just ...