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Double Vision
Randall Ingermanson Bethany, Nov 2004, 12.99 ISBN: 0764227335 CypherQuanta is in fiscal trouble as a key customer has unethically used a clause in their contract to renege on an agreement. CEO Grant O'Connell turns to biophysicist Rachel Meyers and software quantum engineer Dillon Richard to save the firm. Rachel has developed a ten-thousand qubits process that makes cyber privacy a sure shot if Dillon can come up with the hardware. As they w...
During an archaelogical dig in Israel three people are transported into the past when Saint Paul of Tarsus was alive-one female archaeologist, and two physicists. Two of the people thrown back in time to ancient Israel are innocent bystanders and victims. However, one is set on destroying modern history by altering ancient events, and is planning a violent act in order to do so. ...