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Daughter of the Empire - Empire Trilogy 1
Mara of the Acoma is about to join the service of Lashima, the Goddess of Nature and Wisdom, when she hears rough voices outside the temple demanding to see the Lasy of the Acoma. She recognises the voice of Keyoke, her father's Force Commander, and realises suddenly why he is there: Both Mara's father and brother must be dead. On returning to her fathers estates - HER estates, she finds only 37 of her soldiers remain, a small fraction of the two thousa...
Mistress of the Empire - Empire Trilogy 3
Mara's rise in power and status continues but now she is attracting alot of attention, unwanted attention. She finds herself the target of the assasins guild, her old allies and even the organization of chosen ones (mages). But why should the Mages that are forbidden to interfere with the political games of the houses want to stop Mara. Mara is urged by her Cho-ja queen (insect race) to take a trip outside the confines of her country to discover secre...
Servant of the Empire - Empire Trilogy 2
Mara finds herself with new enemies. The son and nephew of the man she defeated in "Daughter of the Empire" who vow revenge for the disgrace to the Minwinabi house. Mara also has a new ally though as she buys Kevin, a tall redheaded slave from the war between the two worlds. Mara finds that Kevin's different ways are intriguing and finds herself falling for him. His genius in military strategy also helps her to overcome the plots of her enemies to cr...