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Eccentric Circles
ECCENTRIC CIRCLE Rebecca Lickiss Ace, Jul 2001, 5.99, 224 pp. ISBN: 0441008283 Piper Pied considers herself to be the only normal person in her eccentric family, but that does not stop her from choking up at her grandmother's funeral. Since Piper shoveled the first payload of dirt on the grave, she inherits a Victorian house sitting on a secluded plot. Working part-time Piper feels she has the right atmosphere and the amount of time to write ...
Never After
Ace, July 2002, 6.50, 272 pp. ISBN 044100907 Prince Althelstan has been ordered by his father to marry a princess but the only one available is two years old. Not willing to wait that long, he follows clues that lead to a castle where all the denizens are in an enchanted slumber. When he gets there he finds three sleeping princes who need a princess to wake them up. Althelstan returns to his home to ask his adventurous cousin Lady Vevila to ...