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Death of a Nationalist
Soho, 2003, 12.00, 262 pp. ISBN: 1569473447 In 1939 Madrid shows the impact of the deadly civil war with few willing to walk the streets unless necessity forces them to do so. The two sides loathe one another encouraging and participating in inhuman abuses. While the Nationalists and the Republicans sporadically fight, the Guardia Civil tries to keep law and order. The Nationalists, the Republicans and Guardia Civil terrorize the citizenry ...
The Watcher in the Pine
Soho, Feb 2005, 24.00, 309 pp. ISBN: 156947379X In 1940, following the end of the Spanish Civil War, Guardia Police Lieutenant Carlos Tejada is assigned his first command position in the remote mountainous village of Potes. Tejada has mixed feelings about leaving his post in Salamanca, but the idea of being in charge has been an ambition of his even if the area is known by his peers as the Devastated Region from the destruction caused by the war...