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A Death To Record
Dunne, June 2003, 24.95, 352 pp. ISBN 03123022606 Now that BSE has subsided, TB is decimating the herds of cows all across England, and rightly or wrongly, the farmers believe that badgers are the carriers of the disease. On Recording Day, Deirdre Watson expects her time on Dunsworthy Farm to be boring as usual. However, she revises her opinion and becomes horrified when the owner of the property, Gordon Hillcock, finds the body of his herdsman...
A Dirty Death
This murder mystery takes place on a rural farm in the Devon countryside in the 1990's, and centers around a young woman who seeks to assist local police, family, and friends in solving the mysterious death of her father, Guy Beardon. Lilah Beardon has always led a fairly quiet life on a working farm where she and her brother have been helping their father since childhood. Their mother is less helpful with farm work, and as Lilah has spent more time ...
The Sting of Death
St. Martin's, August 2004, 23.95, 224 pp. ISBN 0312316550 Drew Slocombe is an undertaker who does natural burials behind his house which is situated on ten acres of land. He also has a local and national reputation as an amateur sleuth because he solved some murder investigations. Perhaps that is why his wife's cousin Penn comes to him when her cousin Justine Pereira turns up missing. Justine is living on Penn and Sheena's farm baby sitting th...