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Redemption Street
Moe is married and has a baby girl as well as a ton of guilt for not telling his wife everything about her father and the truth about her brother's disappearance. His knee still aches and while he may be the only Jewish licensed P.I. in New York City, he hasn't used his license once since that case. Instead, the wine shop in which he is a partner with his brother has opened and he spends his days advising customers and trying to reconcile his past. T...
The James Deans
Plume, Feb 2005, 12.00, 288 pp. ISBN: 0452286506 Former New York cop Moe Prager and his wife attend a wedding ceremony for his assistant Constance in the fancy Long Island estate of her father. During the gala, Constance's dad Mr. Geary asks Moe if he remembers former State Senator Steven Brightman, whose career died when he was linked to a dead intern, Moira Heaton. At the time of the incident two years ago, Moe was working a difficult case in...