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Leonora: Tulips in Winter
In 1788, Englishwoman Leonora Carter has two quests: to find her run-away mother and to save her ailing father from his own folly. Russian Count Stropov has his own quests: to catch an embezzling thief and recover his loot on behalf of the Polish King as well as to regain his own ancestors' lost holdings and position at the Russian Court. When Stropov meets Leonora, destiny compells these two forward on a peril-fraught path toward the resolution of their...
Lord Eaglebeak
Can love turn a coward into a hero and a moron into a wise man? Richard Darby groans at such concepts. He would rather remain in control. He has a cherished vision of love, but can such a dream come true? The Earl of Stanton has a dilemma: he must appease his second wife by marrying off his unruly daughter. Richard Darby is a godsend. Or is he?...
Theo's Ghost
In 1820, a Prussian Junker entrusts his ward, Countess Theo, with the execution of his last will. For six months, she must reside with a stranger, an English merchant, at her late guardian's manor. If she finds the Englishman worthy, he will inherit the entire state...if she doesn't, it will be hers....