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Before Night Falls
A Cuban writer, Reinaldo Arenas, writes about his life under the persecution from Fidel Castro's dictatorship in 'Before Night Falls.' Arenas describes how he made the most out of life in a repressive state and how his contemporaries lived in a marginal society with the aid of dreams and magical realism. Reinaldo Arenas lived out his life exiled in the United States. ...
The Color of Summer
Billed as a comedy, this last novel by the deceased Arenas, one of Cuba's best writers, is more of a bittersweet set of delusions of the wildness of life on the island of Cuba under Castro's dictaorship. At first it seems over the top as a parody of Cuban gay life, but as the pages turn there is much truth under the giggling. The book takes some toleration and endurance, but once started you're in for a delerious hispanic subculture ride! Arenas writ...