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Jude Denemy is the son of a once well respected independent farmer who's bitter outlook on life sloshes around in the bottom of bourbon bottle and more often than not, splashes out to stain his son. When the girl from across the highway and a childhood crush of Jude's, returns home to care for her aging mother, Jude finds himself falling in love with her against the wishes of his drunkard father. Jude's father exists only to knock his own son for the hor...
Small Dog
A young writer finds satisfaction in revenge against an old friend who lead her on and then rejected her in the past. It sets off a sequence of cruel, twisted, and dangerous events. ...
Wasted Land
An unexpected and passionate love affair, soaked in whiskey, loneliness, and pain takes a young man over in the blistering Kansas summer heat. The perfect love that enters his life, however, is not enough to heal him, or pacify the relentless haunting of his parent's cruelty toward him when he was a child. ...