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Once a Spy
Bill Blaney is an ex-spy who worked in Berlin 17 years ago. One day reading the paper, he reads of the apparent suicide of one of his co-workers from his spy days in Berlin. One of his old boss contacts him to tell him that it wasn't was murder! In addition to this, there are also two other co-workers murdered and one attempted murder. Blaney could be next. He is sent by his old boss back to Germany and Italy to talk with the other member...
River of Darkness
Wounded by the death of his wife and infant daughter from influenza, Scotland Yard Detective Inspector John Madden has physically survived two years of trench warfare during World War I, but the mental scars haunt both his waking activities and his dreams. He and young Detective Constable Billy Styles are sent to investigate the brutal murder of a family at Melling Lodge, in the English countryside about an hour's drive south of London, in the summer of ...