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It's a Love Thang
St. Martin's, Sep 2002, 6.50, 336 pp. ISBN: 0312983026 Butler County Bee reporter Ebony MacKenzie knows why she is going undercover at the Shangri-La Naturalist Retreat though she feels out of place at the nudist colony. If she can interview a member, Reuben “Ice Cream King” Renfro, Ebony will land a job with the Cincinnati Examiner. Journalist Isaiah Malone of the International Inquisitor and the Weekly Tale Tattler is also seeking the same ...
What a Girl Wants
St. Martin's, Aug 2003, 6.50, 320 pp. ISBN: 0312983034 When they were teens Ava Daniels and Harper Reynolds were best buds. She even befriended his beloved Aunt Flossie. However, Ava wanted more than just friendship as she had a crush that she believed was true love, but her target Harper did not desire going in that direction. Ava timed her play poorly as Harper, reeling from college and girlfriend rejections, rejects his pal's advances. A s...