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The Plague Dogs
Two dogs, Rowf and Snitter, escape from a research lab into the wild mountain ranges of England. Somehow they must learn to survive and get along with each other in spite of personality differences: Rowf is violent and has no trust in humans, while Snitter is friendly and always looking for a good master. When they begin stealing sheep, the local farmers try to have them taken back by the research station, but the lab staff isn't anxious to admit that t...
Watership Down
Hazel and his brother Fiver are rabbits in a warren that is destined to be destroyed. Fiver is a bit of a prophet and can see the end coming, but can't convince the chief rabbit to move everyone out. Hazel, who believes his brother, decides to get a group of rabbits together and find a new warren. Among the rabbits he takes with him are Dandelion, who is the story teller, Blackberry, the smartest rabbit, and Big Wig, the gruff soldier. They escape ...

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