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A primitive civilization conquers enemy cities when they capture the legendary bear-God Shardik, but their power crumbles when the bear escapes. Shardik tells the story of Kelderek, a primitive hunter who finds a giant bear thought to be the bear-god Shardik, and details his tragic journey from peasant to conquerer to fallen priest-king as he loses control of the animal. One day while hunting, Kelderek finds an enormous bear injured and displaced by ...
The Plague Dogs
Rowf and Snitter are two dogs who escape from a government testing facility where they endured horrible treatment. Rowf and Snitter are two stray dogs who are captured and taken into ARSE (Animal Research, Scientific and Experimental) where various experiments are performed on them. Rowf is a large black mutt who is cynical and suspicious of people, having only ever been abused by them. Snitter is a fox terrier who loves people, but he bears the results ...
Watership Down
Hazel and his brother Fiver are rabbits in a warren that is destined to be destroyed. Fiver is a bit of a prophet and can see the end coming, but can't convince the chief rabbit to move everyone out. Hazel, who believes his brother, decides to get a group of rabbits together and find a new warren. Among the rabbits he takes with him are Dandelion, who is the story teller, Blackberry, the smartest rabbit, and Big Wig, the gruff soldier. They escape ...