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Burning Moon
Capra Press, May 2003, 25.95, 330 pp. ISBN 1592660118 Eight months ago, near San Miguel Island off the coast of California, Jimmy Tien and his seven month pregnant girlfriend Wen are on their boat when something causes it to disappear. Eight months later, a fishing trawler using nets finds the Harmony and scuba divers searching the boat underwater conclude it met with an accident. Jimmy's father, native born Vietnamese Vinh Tran Tien, is not sa...
Echo Bay
Capra Press, May 2004, 25.95, 354 pp. ISBN 1592660428 Once he was a star in the skiing world, thought to be sure gold medal winner at the Olympics but an injured knee put an end to Shawn Rainey's dreams of fame and fortune. After his divorce his ex-wife Loren has custody of the children and he has visitation rights until Loren and his ex-manager Terry set him up so that he can't even be in the same state with his children. He's working in a dea...