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Pony Girls
Forge, May 2004, 24.95, 268 pp. ISBN: 0765306166 Thirty-six sperm whales died on an isolated Oregon beach. Two months later, sixteen European jumping horses followed by twenty-two Spanish Mustangs are murdered in various atrocities. A group forms called the Ad Hoc Committee to Save the Spanish Mustang. They hire Portland, Oregon based private investigating partners John Denson, Annie Dancer, and Willie Sees the Night to learn who and why the h...
Sonja's Run
Forge, Feb 2005, 24.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0765306158 In late 1852 or early 1853 depending on which calendar you use, Tsar Nicholas hosts a Christmas gala in which he invites Mikhail Sankov, but the ailing poet is unable to attend. Instead his daughter, also a poet, Sonja Sankova, goes escorted by her father's friend mathematician Arkady Migalkin. At the party, Peter “Colonel Cut” Koslov, head of the vicious wolfpack, decides that the pretty waif ...
The Weatherman's Daughter
Forge, Jul 2003, 24.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0765303329 While driving in the Oregon mountains, the heavy rain pours live salmon at private investigator John Denson's vehicle. During the fishy torrent, he stops, camera in hand, to help an accident victim. However, as the young woman tries to talk through her dying gurgles, fish continue to pelt John and the victim. He realizes this was no accident as someone shot the female who he identifies as Sharon...