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Altered Carbon
Takeshi Kovacs is brought to Earth by wealthy Laurens Bancroft to prove that Bancroft's first mysterious death was murder and not suicide. To do this, Kovacs must be "resleeved" into the body of a disgraced police officer to be on the case. While investigating, he develops a relationship with the police lieutenant who was involved former "occupant" of his body. To solve the crime, he encounters a number of violent characters, including robot killers in...
Altered Carbons
A guerrila trained guy (and convicted criminal) is brought to Earth from a spacer settled planet to solve a mystery for a very wealthy man. He gets involved in other relationships, tries to unravel what appears to be a 'gordian knot' of sorts while preventing his own personal, long term death. ...
Broken Angels
Richard Morgan Del Rey, Mar 2004, 14.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 0345457714 In the twenty-fifth century, three decades have passed since Laurens Bancroft hired Takeshi Kovacs to investigate the murder of Bancroft (see ALTERED CARBON). Now Takeshi has returned to his main profession, soldering. The Protectorate of Sanction IV hired a mercenary unit that Takeshi joined to destroy an inane uprising. Wounded in action, Takeshi recovers in an orbital hospital...
Gap Creek
"Gap Creek" is the story of a hardworking young girl named Julie who has struggled most of her life. She loses her younger brother to illness at a young age. She meets a man named Hank and they marry very quickly. Together they move to a house owned by Mr. Pendergrast, who lets Julie and Hank live with him in exchange for household chores and meals. Julie works just as hard in her marriage as she does with everything else. She struggles with money (...

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