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Balance of Power (Literature)
Kerry Kilcannon is the newly elected President of the United States. Kilcannon's life is marked by gun violence, making the gun rights issue one Kilcannon is passionate about and his powerful enemies are determined to support. Shortly after Kilcannon and his fiancée are married, their lives become enveloped by gun violence, legal wrangling and political intrigue as Kilcannon tries to move forward with gun control....
Balance of Power (Thriller/Action)
Ballantine, Oct 2003, 27.95, 624 pp. ISBN: 0345450175 Desperate and frightened Joan Bowden, sister of the First Lady, calls her brother in law, President Kerry Kilcannon because he once promised to help her. A repeat physical abuse victim, she tells Kerry that her husband John held a gun to her head, placing not only Joan in danger, but their six-year-old daughter Marie as well. From his days as a prosecutor Kerry knows first hand the consequen...
Random House, Jan 2005, 25.95 ISBN: 0345450191 Death row attorney Terri Paget is working the fifteen years old capital crime conviction of Rennell Price, who the State of California will execute with a lethal injection in fifty-nine days. Terri realizes that the retarded surly black man is not a good client and her chances of saving him from the death penalty are slim to none. Terri with the help of her spouse and son looks back over time and...
Fall from Grace
Adam Blaine a CIA operative in Afghanistan returns home to Martha's Vineyard to attend the funeral of his father, the best-selling author, Ben Blaine. He feels no sense of loss—only bitterness, against a father with whom he had a fallout some ten years before. Police are suspicious about Ben's death. His supposed ninety-foot fall off a cliff near the family home may not have been suicide or an accident. For a start, there's the issue of a button—missin...

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Protect And Defend
This book entails a legal fight between daughter and father and who has the right to decide the fate of a teenagers pregnancy in the face of fetuses nonviable defect. The father refuses to give permission until the courts take over and allow by default for the late term abortion to be done, aborting a baby without a brain....

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