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A Perfect Day
Dutton, Oct 2003 ISBN: 0525947655 Robert Harlan loves his wife Allyson and their daughter, but detests his job as radio station sales representative. Instead he dreams of one day becoming a writer. When he loses his job, Allyson encourages him to write a book. He authors A PERFECT DAY that focuses in on the final days of the loving relationship between his spouse and her father, dying from cancer. The book is a monster success and Robert be...
The Christmas Box
After living in southern California, Rick and Keri return to Utah with their four-year old daughter Jenna to start up a formal wear rental business many years ago. The couple answers an ad for a live-in family to prepare meals and do light household chores for a wealthy, elderly woman, but the details are not given. The arrangements are made and the family enjoys staying with their new matriarch, Mrs. Mary Anne Parkin in her spacious Victorian mansion....
The Letter
The Letter is a continuation of The Christmas Box trilogy in which the author as narrator explores the traumatic aftermath of the death of the Parkin's three-year old daughter Andrea to a fire twenty years later. In autumn 1933 during the Great Depression in Salt Lake City, MaryAnne returns to her birthplace in England. David Parkin is grief struck by his wife's departure and apparent abandonment of their marriage. David, surrounded by friends at Chri...
The Sunflower
One week before her wedding, Christine Hollister's fiancé decided to call off the wedding. Christine's best friend, Jessica, decides it is up to her to help Christine out of her state of abandonment and depression. Jessica books a tour that takes Americans to Peru on humanitarian missions, figuring hard work and change of scenery is just what Christine needs. Christine, though at first is reluctant to go, decides she could use an adventure, figurin...

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In Richard Paul Evan's sequel to The Christmas Box, he recounts the tale of a magnificent grandfather clock bestowed by MaryAnne Parkin shortly before her death to his family, with the caveat that “it” is given to daughter Jenna on the eve of her wedding. The story is interspersed with passages from David Parkin's personal diary moves back in time to 1908 in Salt Lake City, UT. It revolves around the meeting and marriage of MaryAnne Chandler to her lov...

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