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Warner, Nov 2002, 23.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 089296779X Thanks to incompetent partners failing to do the assigned jobs during a pharmaceutical heist, master thief Parker using the name Kasper lands in the Stoneveldt Detention Center, a maximum-security holding jail in a Midwest state. Not noted for wanting to be a guest of any state, Parker selects two colleagues Tom Marcantoni and Brandon Williams to bust out of jail. The trio successfully escapes t...
Mysterious, Nov 2001, 23.95, 297 pp. ISBN: 0892967110 Parker has two jobs both critical to his well being. One is more along the line of his normal work. Parker is employed to steal stolen art treasures stored in a remote area of Montana. The “owner” Paxton Marino is a computer whiz billionaire so Parker knows he can expect anything and needs an electronic expert along for the ride. The other job is a bit more personal. Someone hir...
Mysterious, Nov 2000, 22.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0892967102 About two hundred miles from Omaha, Parker and his three cohorts rob a bank with Parker causing the diversion with a nearby firebomb. After succeeding in this endeavor Parker?s partners blithely inform him that they need his share of the loot as seed money to conduct a bigger heist on an island near Palm Beach, Florida. However, his former accomplices make one mistake when they abscond w...
Nobody Runs Forever
Mysterious, Nov 2004, 23.95 ISBN: 0892967986 In a Cincinnati hotel room, seven buddies play poker intending to discuss a heist. Somebody named Parker, sitting out the hand, gets up, takes off his tie, and wraps it around the throat of somebody named Harbin who is wearing a wire. Some people named Dalesia and Mott pretend the game is still on as Parker kills Harbin. Somebody named McWhitney, who brought Harbin to the game, disposes of the body....

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The Hunter
Meet Parker, the ultimate professional. Parker is a stone-cold thief, an armed robber who steals thirty grand from a group of arms dealers with the help of mobster Mal Resnick. After the heist, Mal pulls a burn on Parker and the other gang members, stealing the money and Parker's wife and shooting Parker before setting the hideout ablaze. Parker survives the conflagration, only to be picked up by the cops for vagrancy. Cut to a year later. Parker has...

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