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Black Boy (Literature)
Richard Wright's autobiography, Black Boy, is a hard hitting novel that either stimulates praise or anger from those who read it. He uses his autobiography as a personal and political protest against the psychological mistreatment of young Negroes by both black and white Southern communities. The psychological mistreatment forced on him by blacks was simply in the form of beatings and censure from relatives which were intended to make him submissive and...
Black Boy (Biography)
Richard Wright was born black and poor in the Deep South of Roxie, Mississippi in 1908. His father was an illiterate sharecropper and his mother was a schoolteacher. The family was so poor that they often had to move in order to get help from family members. Richard was always hungry and hated the injustice of the way black people were treated in the south. His bitterness and adolescent angst led him to start drinking by the age of ten. When Richa...

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