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The Lute and the Liar
Novel Books, Sept 2002, 178 pp. ISBN 1931696654 Once upon a time a princess fell in love with an apprentice bard although she never told him what was in her heart. Mordigan Bryre never knew that princess Allysian loved him for he was too involved with his music. He is only two weeks away from getting his journeyman's certificate when his path crosses that of the witch FreiFanya causing him to be late for his music lesson with the princess. H...
The Right Hand of Velachaz
Teman did his best to survive on the streets ever since his mother died and he was forced out of his home. He was only twelve, though, so he had to be careful to avoid all of the bullies as well as try and find somewhere decent to sleep at night where he wouldn't freeze. When the wizard Velachaz approached him one evening, Teman couldn't pass up the powerful man's offer for a bed and a full belly. Everyone knew that Velachaz was a powerful dark wizard, o...