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Black Sheep
Mira, Sep 2003, 23.95 ISBN: 1551667266 Veering towards sixty, Jonas Lamb has been married six times with five ending in not so harmonious divorces. Currently wife number six is wealthy and dying; Jonas does what he does best, muddle relationships by having an affair with another woman angering his stepdaughter. Jonas' son Patrick has discovered a cheap oil substitute that will rock the pillars of modern geo-politics. The amoral Jonas sees th...
Everyone thought Del Pritchard was a nut, crazy, in other words a fruitcake. He kept mumbling about conspiracies. One day he engaged Gabe Rose, a Sacramento attorney to look into the conspiracy. Before the day is out, Pritchard turns up dead. Gabe had some recent bad luck of his own and was broke. He thought the man was probably loony too, but badly needed the $5,000 retainer Pritchard had given him. He felt like he needed to do something to earn t...
Squeeze Play
Mira, Sep 2002, 23.95, 460 pp. ISBN: 1551669366 Former San Francisco cop Nick Sasso is in self-exile across the continent after apparently screwing up an investigation. Nick opened up a Manhattan restaurant that has just taken off. Currently he is watching a Yankee-Red Sox game at the Stadium when his girlfriend Bree Davis calls the restaurant to see how things are going after a tremendous review in the paper. Though the restaurant is doing gr...