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CONSPIRACY. COM Forge, 24.95, Apr 2001, 317 pp. ISBN: 0312869088 Stanford graduates Michael and Victoria Ryan can testify that college is quite expensive as the couple realizes that they are buried in debt. Michael has offers from the who's who of the computer world. When the Austin, Texas based SoftCorp arranges an interview through the university with Michael, he is forced to attend due to Stanford rules. However, the electrical engineerin...
Forge, Feb 2003, 25.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 0765303930 In San Antonio, terrorists access the computer program that regulates the flow of natural gas. They dramatically increase the pressure on the system resulting in uncountable leaks into private homes and other buildings, which in turn leads to numerous explosions throughout the area. Thousands die and The Alamo City turns into a prison cemetery reminiscent of the fire bombings of World War II. M...