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Landon Snow And the Auctor's Riddle
Landon Snow, a boy from Minneapolis, is a thinker. He wants to know how things work; he wants to have explanation for everything. This leads him to love books. Reading becomes his favorite activity. When a trip to his grandparents is scheduled, Landon is happy because there is a great library in their town. He can't wait to go there. However, when he arrives all the plans are messed up by his grandfather getting injured in an accident. Landon learns that...
Landon Snow and the Island of Arcanum
Book 3 of the Landon Snow series is a water / island adventure. Landon, a twelve year old boy, has had two journeys into the fantastic world of Wonderwood, using a passage he discovered at the library in his grandpa's hometown. When he and his two sisters go to visit grandpa again, Landon is looking forward to yet another adventure. However, things are different this time. Landon and the girls go to the library at daytime, not at night as they did before...
Landon Snow And the Shadows of Malus Quidam
This is book 2 of the Landon Snow series. In the first book, a boy named Landon Snow had discovered a secret passage in his grandfather's study that leads to the town's big library where books come alive at night. One of the books also serves as a passage a passage to Wonderwodd inhabited by Odds, a small, dwarflike creatures. In this second book, Landon makes another trip to his grandfather. Naturally, he wonders whether he would be able to get to Won...