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Dating Games
R. M. Johnson Simon & Schuster, Sep 2004, 12.00, 310 pp. ISBN: 0743244559 In Chicago, with her twin daughters now seventeen and sick of depending on loser human males, thirty-three years old nurse's assistant Livvy Rodgers decides to take care of herself for a change after years of struggling to put food on the table by returning to school to become a registered nurse. Her daughter Hennesey, an honor student with a college scholarship supports t...
The Million Dollar Divorce
Simon & Schuster, Sep 2004, 23.00, 292 pp. ISBN: 0743258169 Wealthy businessman Nate Kenny and his wife Monica are a happy couple except they disagree over when to begin raising a family. Nate wants children right away as his life goal is a loving family, but Monica persuades him to wait three years. Three years later, the couple learns that Monica is incapable of bearing children. An outraged Nate wants to end their marriage as he feels his...