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Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants
The young Indiana Jones starts his first teaching post as an archeology professor at the London University. Scottish-born twenty-year old Deirdre Campbell one of his students and also the brightest, claims in her thesis that she discovered a golden scroll which is proof of the existence of the mythical sorcerer Merlin. Intrigued by this, Indy joins Deirdre and together they set off to various locations on Britain and Scotland. However obtaining the truth...
Indiana Jones And The Genesis Deluge
Dr. Indiana Jones Jr. settles down peacefully with his Ph.D and continues teaching at the archaeology department of the London University. Still mourning the death of his dear wife Deirdre, who recently died in the Brazilian jungle, he thought he wasn't yet prepared for another adventure. Before he knows it he is swept deep into the mystery of the search for Noah's Ark, which is believed to lie on the top of Mount Ararat near Istanbul. The Russian doct...
Indiana Jones And The Seven Veils
Deep in the tropical forests of Brazil, ancient ruins are discovered and a British explorer has mysteriously been lost. Indiana Jones and Deirdre Campbell, from the previous book 'Dance of the Giants', travel to Rio and romantically get married on the ship facing PŃo de Ašucar. From there they and their digging crew proceed into the dense jungle to find the long-lost explorer Colonal Percy Fawcett, whose mysterious writings are described to be able to re...
Indiana Jones and the Unicorn's Legacy
Several years ago, Indiana Jones found clues to the existence of a mythological beast that may have actually existed thousands of years ago. Setting out on an expedition to recover the fabled Unicorn's horn, the archeologist learns that the genuine reason behind this trek is to bring an alicorn to a sinister organization that plans to use its magical powers for world domination. Their plan backfires, when the artifact is used erroneously. In the process ...

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