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Random House, March 2001, 24.95, 273 pp. ISBN: 0375505016 The mother Nicole Carbon looks more like a senior citizen than a person under forty years old. Assistant District Attorney Gio Gioberti knows that East New York will age you fast. Nicole informs Gio and the NYPD detective accompanying him that Lamar “LL” Lamb killed her teenage daughter Kayla Harris in the bedroom of their home in the Cypress Hills projects. To Gio's chagrin, t...
Random House, Jun 2004, 24.95 ISBN: 0375505024 Following his bungled prosecution of a homicide case (see HOLLOWPOINT) Assistant District Attorney Andrew Giobberti toils in the surreal Brooklyn Appeals Office, the Siberia where those whose careers are over are exiled until they retire, quit, or die. His personal life feels as if he is at rock bottom but also still in freefall as he still mourns the death of his daughter and the separation from hi...