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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
It's a story about mice and rats - but they're very human little things. Mrs Frisby is having a worrying time bringing up her young family since she lost her husband. Her youngest, Timothy, is a bit of a weakling and falls rather seriously ill just at the beginning of spring. This is bad timing because in the spring the mice have to leave their winter home in the vegetable garden, and go to live in the woods well away from all the human activity. So w...
The Silver Crown
On the day she turns ten, Ellen Carrol receives a fold-up silver crown. On the same day, her house burns down, her immediate family is killed, and she must begin a trek to her Aunt Sarah's house. Someone wants her crown and they'll stop at nothing to get it. On her way, Ellen meets Otto, a forest-smart 8-year-old, who helps her on her journey, and his mother and she finds a strange black castle where the occupants seem to be brainwashed....
Z For Zachariah
There is a nuclear war and Ann is left by herself while her family looks for any sign of life. Ann thinks she the only person left in the world until a man called Mr Loomis finds her valley. Ann hides from him in her cave. However, Mr Loomis gets radiation poisoning and is very ill. Ann helps him recover and learns things about Mr Loomis that are terrifying. As he gets better they both become enemies and fight for the valley. Mr Loomis attemps to kill An...