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Master of the Senate - The Years of Lyndon Johnson 3
The third volume of Caro's unparalleled bio of LBJ takes its subject from his election to the Senate in 1947 to the small yet significant triumph of the Civil Rights Act of 1957, shortly before he became JFK's vice president. This entails a fascinating, capsule history of the Senate, especially how power works (and doesn't work) there and how legislation gets blocked and passed. Background for the Civil Rights act involves a rehearsal of many of the sign...
Means Of Ascent: The Years Of Lyndon Johnson
The book tells the story of Lyndon Johnson's life from 1941-1948 when he won a controversial election to the Senate. This is the second volume of Caro's chronicle of the life and times of Lyndon Baines Johnson. It begins after Johnson was defeated by Pass the Biscuits Pappy O'Daniel in a 1941 race for a United States Senate seat from Texas. Johnson was depressed by losing to the popular but downright idiotic Governor. He retained his seat in the House of...
The Passage Of Power: The Years Of Lyndon Johnson
This is the story of Lyndon Johnson's Vice Presidency and early days as the 36th President of the United States The fourth volume of Robert Caro's magisterial biography focuses on four crucial years in Lyndon Johnson's life. It begins with the 1960 race for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Johnson was Senator from Texas and the highly respected Majority Leader. He had shrewdly maneuvered a weak Civil Rights bill through the Senate in 1957 in hopes...
The Path To Power: The Years Of Lyndon Johnson
This is the first volume of Robert Caro's biography of Lyndon Johnson, the 36th President of the United States. This is the first volume of Robert Caro's brilliant multi-volume biography of one of the most fascinating figures in American history: Lyndon Baines Johnson. It covers the years from LBJ's birth in 1908 to his defeat in a 1941 special election for the United States Senate. It is said the childhood shapes everyone and it is particularly true ...

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The Power Broker
Robert Moses was a man of great intelligence, imagination, competence and, initially, integrity. As he aids those in elected office he gains power to sculpt New York City and its environs in an increasingly independent manner, ultimately wielding more power than the elected governors and mayors. His contempt for the poor leads him to decisions that do harm to their neighbourhoods, options for recreation, and self-esteem. In remaking New York, he cause...

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