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A Hidden Place
Orb, Sept 2002, 12.95, 2002 ISBN 0765302616 After his mother dies, Travis Fisher travels to the Midwest town of Haute Montagne to live with his Aunt Liza Burack and her husband Creath. It is the Great Depression and jobs are hard to come by so Travis works for Creath at his ice plant. The Baracks have a strange but beautiful boarder named Anna living in their attic and Travis is attracted to her even though she sleeps with Creath. Travis star...
The Chronoliths
Tor, Aug 2001, 22.95, 301 pp. ISBN: 0312873840 In the twenty-first century, American expatriate Scott Warden wastes his life enjoying the pleasures of a Thailand beach community while ignoring the needs of his wife and daughter. However, his wastrel life abruptly ends when the monolith suddenly appears in the nearby forest, destroying trees and dispensing high levels of radiation. On the artifact is an inscription celebrating a military vic...
The Harvest
Do you want to live forever? That is the question pose to mankind in this haunting and unforgettable sf novel. Aliens come to Earth and give everyone a dream: do you want immortality? Some people say yes others say no.The main character, a Doctor in a small Oregon town says no but his daughter says yes. You see the world change through his eyes.This novel poses the question, what make us human and what would you do to give your humanity? The answers wil...