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Spanking the Maid
On the surface, this book is a story about a maid and a master. Neither of them have names nor do we even know what they look like. The maid is striving to achieve perfection as defined by the master and "the manuals." Every time she makes an error--no matter how slight, she backs out of the room and begins the task again. When the master finds fault with her, he punishes her. He is frustrated with her, frustrated with her not only because she is imp...
The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Prop
Henry Waugh runs a fantasy baseball game rich with history and interesting, if imaginary, personalities as a way to distract himself from his crummy life. Henry has a dead-end job as an accountant and spends his evenings getting drunk at a local bar, occasionally sleeping with a bar girl to pass the time. His real interest lies in the baseball league that he created, which he operates based on an elaborate set of rules, each play determined by a roll...