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Maybe (Maybe Not): Second Thoughts From a Secret Life
It's easy to make fun of Fulghum, but beneath the apparent simplicity of his stories is not only deep wisdom but pain. In this, his fourth book, along with his usual tales of nice people and great dogs and folk wisdom are accounts of the time this former cowboy, art professor, and minister attempted suicide, his household's anti-Christmas crusade, and the time he was stabbed in a faculty meeting. After a visit to Donald Trump's Taj Mahal in Atlantic City...
True Love
In his books, his newspaper column, and at coffee shops in the Seattle area, storyteller and sage Robert Fulghum asked people tell him love stories -- short, true love stories. "I was expecting gooey-sweet greeting-card sentiments but got salty surprises," he writes, "nasty love and crazy love as well." There's pain and disappointment and delicate near-misses here, a soul-lifting glance from a stranger never seen again, as well as incredible tales that w...