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Days Without Number
Goddard always has very unlikely people as his protagonists and this latest novel is no exception. Nick Paleologus has an interesting history of mental illness and though he's been well for some years the events in this part of his life are enough to send anyone over the edge. He is invited to his brother's fiftieth birthday party by his siblings but they have an ulterior motive. Their father has had a very handsome offer for the family home which his...
Dying to Tell
Lance Bradley, idles his life away in the little Somerset town of Glastonbury, until he recieves a call for help from the eccentric sister of his old friend Rupert Alder. Rupe appears to have vanished without trace. Reluctantly, Lance goes to London, to discover that Rupe's employers want him tried for fraud. A Japenese businessman claims he has stolen a document of huge importance. And a private detective is demanding money for trying to trace, on Rupe'...
In Pale Battalions
Orphan Leonara Halloway was raised by her cold, vindictive step-grandmother and her distant, elderly grandfather. Her father was killed before her birth in World War I and her mother died shortly after her birth. Leonora grows up in a house full of secrets and dim references to a murder many years ago. No one will answer her questions. When her grandfather dies, it is revealed to Leonora that John Hallows, the man she believed to be her father, actual...
Painting the Darkness
William Trenchard is a very content man in his marriage and family life until the day a stranger appears in his home claiming to be Sir James Davenall, the supposesdly dead former fiance of Trenchard's wife, Constance. Eleven years earlier, Davenall had disappeared and was declared a suicide. The stranger has returned to claim his rightful inheritance, including the love of Constance. His mother, Lady Davenall, and brother, Sir Hugo are adamant that he i...

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