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Tom Jericho is a brilliant mathematician who has been recruited to become a codebreaker at Bletchley Park, the center for British cryptographers. He has already been instrumental in breaking the infamous Nazi Enigma code which allows the Allies to track the movement of German submarine traffic. The stress of cracking the code has caused Jericho to have a nervous breakdown, and he has returned to his college to rest. Now, however the code has been change...
Imperium describes the political career of Marcus Tullius Cicero from his first cases to the time he was elected Consul of Rome at age 43. In Imperium (ISBN 13:978-0-7432-6603-1), the first historical novel of a trilogy, Robert Harris covers the life and political career of the attorney, orator, and politician Marcus Tullius Cicero, from the start of his professional journey at age 27, until the day he is elected Roman Consul at age 43. It is 79 BC....
In late August, 79 AD. Attilius, age 27, is the new water engineer for Acqua Augusta, the great acqueduct that brings water from the mountains along the north edge of the great Mount Vesuvius to the towns of Neapolis and Baiae. The previous "aquarius" walked away from the job mysteriously, with no explanation, two weeks before. Attilius is partly answerable to Ampliatus, the millionaire owner of Villa Hortensia on the northern outskirts of Misenum, th...