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Robert Hicks Message Board 1/1/2012
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A Separate Country
This book is a novel about the controversial General John Bell Hood. The book is in someways a biography. It starts in New Orleans, 23 years after the Civil War while John Bell Hood is dying from yellow fever and is urged to recall his life. Hood reflects his story starting in 1878, he is now bankrupt, and near destitute. Fragile, with only one leg and in ill health he is a shell of a man that he use to be. The book reflects Hood's personal life, ...
Widow of the South
The U.S. Civil War is in its latter days when General Nathan Forrest forces his way into Carrie McGavock's home and orders it turned into a hospital. Carrie, her children, Mariah, the slave given to her as a child, and local residents act as nurses and orderlies. Carrie's husband John is rarely around. He is busy trying to keep their plantation operating without their slaves, whom he sent further to the south when the war drew closer. Relationships de...