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Nicholas and Alexandra
Nicholas and Alexandra Robert K. Massie Dell Publishing, 1967, 530 PP ISBN: 0-440-36358-6 This book is about Tsar Nicholas II and his family. The focus is on the family with the great events of early twentieth century swirling in the background. It is more about Nicholas as a husband and father than Nicholas as the imperial ruler of an empire on the brink of collapse. Like all families, the Romanov's had their burdens and their main burden was ...
Peter The Great
Robert K. Massie's has exhaustively researched his subject and gives great detail into the life of one of Russia's most well known monarchs. Peter was born in 1672 into the backward and far-flung Muscovy Empire. Peter changed the face of Russia, adopting many aspects of the French court in Moscow and later his newly built capital, "the Venice of the North" St. Petersburg. His modernizing of the Russian military stemmed from his own knowledge of ship...
The Romanovs The Final Chapter
The Romanovs The Final Chapter Robert K. Massie Random House, 1995, 292 PP ISBN: 394-58048-6 Author Robert K. Massie ended his 1967 biography of Czar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra with a description of their death at the hands of the Soviets in the Siberian city of Ekaterinburg in 1918. At the time of his previous book's publication in 1967 it was generally accepted that the Czar and his family had been shot in the basement of the home wher...