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Burning Garbo
Robert Eversz Simon & Schuster, Oct 2003, 23.00, 288 pp. ISBN: 0743250133 Paparazzi Nina Zero needs a break to change her finances that live up to her name. She decides to make one for herself by photographing the Hollywood legendary recluse, Angela Doubleday. A picture of Angela goes for about $50K and Nina plans to obtain that cash. Nina heads to the Malibu Hills and climbs a barrier to gain entrance to the Doubleday estate. Almost immedia...
Killing Paparazzi
St. Martin's, Apr 2003, 13.95, 310 pp. ISBN: 0312309996 When Nina Zero was Mary Alice Baker she swears she was a good girl. A stud here and a stud there turned her into what she is today. Finally after serving five years for blowing up a section of LAX airport that she insists was an accident Nina is paroled. Unable to obtain work and written off as a terrorist by friends and family, Nina agrees to marry English photographer Gabriel Burns fo...