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The Killing
James Adams is a 13-year-old Cherub agent. Cherubs are kids, usually orphans, which are part of a division of MI5, a section of British intelligence. Cherub agents are trained and sent on missions that would be impossible for adults. These kids are able to stay undetected by highly dangerous terrorists, drug-dealers, murderers, and thieves. For this reason, they are able to bring many criminals to justice. After getting dumped by his girlfriend, James ...
The Recruit
James Choke is one of the toughest kids in his school. No one messes around with him. When a girl in his class makes fun of his overweight mother, he retaliates. The girl's face is cut open and James is expelled from school. Before he can tell his mom what happens, he discovers her dead in her armchair. James is sent to Nebraska Home because his stepfather and the father of his sister Lauren, don't want him. James joins a dangerous gang and gets caught s...