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The Fifth Sorceress
Prince Tristan does not want to become a king when he turns thirty, he would much rather become a soldier. But during the coronation ceremony everyone is killed by unexpected Minions of Day and Night no one knew about. Tristan and Wig are the only one who get away, and have to save Tristan's twin sister, Shailiha, who was kidnapped by the evil sorceresses during the attack....
The Gates of Dawn
Del Rey, Jul 2003, 26.95, 480 pp. ISBN: 0345448944 The beloved monarchy counseled by a wise Directorate of Wizards kept the peace and enabled the Kingdom to flourish. However, the Pax Eutracia ends when the Sorceresses of the Coven return seeking victory at any cost. The Coven loses, but devastates the land. The king dies at the hands of his son, and his wife and most of the wizards are also dead. Eutracia reels from the destruction and lack ...
The Scrolls of the Ancients
In the third volume of The Chronicles of Blood and Stone the author continues with the tale of the Chosen One, Tristan prince of Eutracia and his continuing struggle to comprehend and fulfill his destiny of fighting against the servants of the Vagaries who seek to foil him and see that the Vagaries triumph over the Vigors. Even though Tristan and the wizards that guide him along with the others that have joined his cause are still weary from their last ...